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Contact me

I am always interested in any and all opportunities that people may want to present to me. Specifically, please contact me for any of the following:

  • Briefing opportunities. Although I usually get most of my briefing requests direct through various industry distribution lists, feel free to contact me directly
  • Advisory services. If you need some consulting help or a strategy session from an analyst, please let me know
  • Partnerships. If you think there is an area where I can work with your company, please let me know
  • Employment opportunities. So far in my career I’ve had the privilege of always doing something new about every eighteen months to two years through a new role, new challenges, and new topic areas to focus on. I’m always open to new opportunities.

I look forward to working with you.

As with so many of us these days, there are various ways to contact me. In the interests of keeping my personal information from prying eyes, I am only providing my email address and Twitter account here.

Personal email – jan (at) jandaw (dot) com