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These are some of the people I have worked with in the past, and who I would recommend as references who can give you a reasonable picture of my performance in previous roles. If you would like to contact them, please let me know and I can provide appropriate contact details. These referees are all former colleagues from Ovum and were all in the senior leadership team there. All left shortly after the acquisition of Ovum by Datamonitor at the end of 2006.

  • Chris Dines, former CEO of Ovum
  • Fiona Glennon, former COO of Ovum
  • Tony Lavender, former Chief Research Officer at Ovum and now Head of Research at Analysys
  • Fash Darabi, former SVP at Ovum

Since it’s not possible to link to these directly on LinkedIn, I’ve also pasted some recommendations which appear on my profile there below.

  • Marco Lorenzo Gatti, Consultant, OVUM (former manager): “Jan was a key member of my team, he demostrated an excellent grasp of the subjects and had highly developed analytical and critical abilities. Jan was an outstanding compent analyst with a well structured expression of ideas.” March 12, 2007
  • Bonnie Tucker, Senior Account Executive, Ovum Inc (former colleague): “Jan is a wonderful analyst covering the telecommunications sector for Ovum. I worked closely with Jan over a two year period and many of Ovum’s largest clients held him in high regard for his deep insights and thoughtful approach. Jan is one of Ovum’s most sought after analysts for client strategy sessions and speaking engagements. It is standard course for Jan to go the “extra mile” in everything he does at Ovum both internally and externally. He is a consummate professional.” May 29, 2008
  • Joe Willcox, Conference Manager, Osney Media (business partner): “Jan was a trusted knowledge partner and advisor while I was setting up telecoms industry discussion/networking events in the USA, 2005-2006. Jan provided me with high-value insights into the activities of US carriers, enabling me to refine the content of the conference agenda. At each event, Jan was a highly effective chairman/moderator, stimulating discussions with his insightful questions and comments.” March 2, 2008
  • Fash Darabi, Managing Director, Telecoms Research, Ovum plc (former colleague): “Throughout his career at Ovum Jan has impressed me (and his clients and other colleagues) with his sharp intelligence, prolific output and his ability to grasp and tackle a diversity of topics. He shines in front of clients and commands the respect of his colleagues.” March 5, 2008
  • Andrea Chirasello, Global Senior Account Manager, Ovum Inc (former colleague): “Jan Dawson has a tremendous understanding of the key drivers for both the vendor and the service provider communities in the Telecoms vertical. During the time I worked with Jan, he was always very driven to stay ahead of the curve and have a strong pulse on what was going on in the market. By doing so, he was always very well respected by the clients he worked with and developed strong relationships with Senior Executives to provide strategic advice around their planning for growth opportunities. Jan always demonstrated the utmost in professionalism and would be a true asset to any organization he partnered with.” March 8, 2008
  • Victoria Gerus, Senior Analyst, Ovum Ltd (former colleague): “Jan has a collegiate and collabrative work style and a very strong work ethic. Being his colleague was a valuable and enjoyable experience.” March 1, 2008
  • Julian Hewett, CEO; Chief Analyst, Ovum (former colleague): “Jan was one of the most competent young people I have ever worked with. He was an excellent analyst, particularly in terms of perceptive comment, quick delivery, and rapid response to clients. Also, he was not afraid to provide constructive criticism of my analysis which I appreciated!” May 1, 2008